This is a Sim set in the Late 23rd Century, in the Alpha Quadrant. The Dominion war has just ended and the Starfleet is rebuilding its control over the alpha and gamma quadrants.

1) This is a SANDBOX based DISCORD SIM. Which means that the progress in the storyline will be dependent on how your Character responds to the situation which is presented in front of it.
2. Please avoid "Metagaming" - using your out-of-character knowledge to give your characters in-game knowledge they would not otherwise have.

3.Please Avoid "God Syndrome" or "Super-heroism." Stick to your character's biography and don't spontaneously generate new skills or talents to solve a crisis or give your character an edge.

4. All characters are subjected to the consequences of their actions in character and some consequences may be directed by staff. For the story to be interesting not all evolutions undertaken by the crew should be successful.